Urbanistan| Urban Can Be A Far Cry From Modern (14 Photos)

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Urbanistan brings us a photographic essay of the real urban living in several countries. The souls and life in these people tell a story in this essay. Even when you’re done scrolling and learning, you can see them in your mind and feel their presence.

Overlooking His Kingdom

Sometimes your home is your kingdom or your prison when you don’t have the choice to create another reality elsewhere
Overlooking his Kingdom

Making It Fit The Culture

Some cultures are so steeped in practical existence that they make the best of all things given to them. Learn the lesson of gratitude.
Making it fit the Culture

Castles In The Sky

What we in the west would consider a castle with mystique and a story; those who live there simply call it home.
Castles in the Sky

Neighbor’s Trust

In most urban areas of the west, we would consider this a homeless and desperate situation. Those in these countries consider it the afternoon nap.
Neighbor’s Trust

Being In The Now

There are places where people are concerned more with the journey and what they do on the way than the destination.
Being in the Now

Bustling Rooftops

There are places where people will make the most of space without prejudice.
Bustling Rooftops

A Hidden Gem

Ancient urban areas are still occupied to this day but are hidden from modern society.
A Hidden Gem

Real Or Optical Illusion

These towns are packed so tight, yet are so colorful; you can’t tell where one house begins and the other ends.
Real or Optical Illusion

Quiet Solace

In a distance a seeming monk contemplates alone by the sea.
Quiet Solace

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