9 Of The Craziest Things To Do On Your Nation's Border! (9 Photos)

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A house on the border of Belgium and the Netherlands, the homes would have two addresses to keep it all legal in both countries. You can ring them both in either country and run!

An Accident Waiting To Happen In China For The Inexperienced

Drive the highway between Macau and Hegqin Island in China. The rule is that you have to switch sides of the road before you actually leave your side of the country. Huh? Exactly. This is done underneath the cloverleaf have to switch there. It is a strange looking very non symmetrical shaped highway.
An Accident waiting to Happen in China for the Inexperienced

Towing The Legal Line At The Norway-Sweden Border!

If you like towing the legal line with things and you have the need for speed—this is something you'll have to do once. The snow demarcates this pristine and natural border between Norway and Sweden. In Norway it's illegal to snow mobile and in Sweden it isn't. It isn't really enforced at this juncture but you can still pretend like you're breaking the law, at least part of you!
Towing the Legal Line at the Norway-Sweden Border!

Golf In Two Country's For The Price Of One

Play your first round in Sweden and finish in Finland, no pun intended! A golf club called The Green Zone or better known as Tornio Golf Club is unique to any other in the world. It is situated between and on the soil of both Sweden and Finland. The 18 holes are split evenly between both 9 and 9. The Tornio river which is what the club is named after runs through the middle. Because each country experiences 6 months of sunshine a year, you can play golf in the sun anytime of the day or night.
Golf in Two Country's for the Price of One

Kissing Dinosaurs! What's The World Coming To?

The north of China is the last place you think you would see dinosaurs. But visit the border between Mongolia and China and you'll get a gander of the kissing beasts! They are a brontosaurus bridge on either side of the highway. There mouths meet and look as if they are kissing at the top.
Kissing Dinosaurs! What's the World Coming to?

Aliens Don't Care About Our Borders!

Or maybe this isn't quite an alien. Not a space alien anyway. Just artist Jaroslaw Koziera. He calls this crop circle “fish in a field”. The border separates Horodyszcze Poland and Warez Ukraine. He drew this over both borders for the Land Art Festival. The crop circle represents the unity and trade in this region. He wanted to get the message of nature and culture that coexist despite the geopolitical strife.
Aliens Don't Care About Our Borders!

A Split Situation For The Netherlands

If you own a house on the border of Belgium and the Netherlands or you are visiting someone who does you may have to choose which doorbell you ring. The homes would have two addresses as well to keep it all legal in both countries. You can ring them both in either country and run!
A Split Situation for the Netherlands

Journey To Middle Earth!

Well not really. But you can go to the equator and place one foot in one hemisphere and the other foot in the opposite side. This is the best picture anyone will ever take. This is not a country border BUT it's noteworthy to say the least! This is not the actual exact location for the equator. The land was not good to place a monument there. It is 240 kilometers north of the line.
Journey to Middle Earth!

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