See The Incredible Las Vegas From 10,800 Feet Up (11 Photos)

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Vincent Laforet takes amazing photographs of urban areas around the world. His talents which have taken the most exciting cities and made them even more spectacular make sin city no exception. These amazing views were taken 10,800 feet above the city at night. He had to muster up the courage to take photos on the skids of the chopper but once he started shooting the fear disappeared as he transformed the city of sin into the island of light.

The Most Popular Are The Smallest

The strip you enjoy seems dwarfed in comparison with the land around it. You never think of the actual people who live, work and go to school there, until you see it all illuminated
The Most Popular Are the Smallest

Chess, Anyone?

Angle is everything. Only a photographic genius can make a city look like a collection of chess pieces.
Chess, Anyone?

Brilliant Focus

This is a great showcase of how you can focus on something like this photographer did on the Arch De Triumph replica in Las Vegas without losing the quality of the surrounding images.
Brilliant Focus

The Mystery In The Blue

This is another amazing shot of what seems to be the outer laying areas of the land surrounding the city but off the beaten path. You almost wonder if it isn’t the airport but it’s not.
The Mystery in the Blue

The Image You Can See From Space

The pyramid shot is one of the most famous and commonly shot pieces ever. You can actually see the light out of the top from space.
The Image you can see from Space

Perfect Scale

What this shot does is take a view of the scale of the buildings. It really showcases the diversity in the scale of things.
Perfect Scale

Do YOU See It?

Do you see a game of tick, tack, toe on these rooftops going on? I wonder if it was done on purpose.
Do YOU see it?

There’s The Runway!

Actually the Las Vegas strip is showcased perfectly from here as that little area in the middle of the desert.
There’s the Runway!

Circus ,Circus

A showcase of the beautiful Ferris wheel popping up out of the ground! It also distorts the surroundings just enough to get the full effect but not enough to wash it out.
Circus ,Circus

Like Pageant Winners!

The best of Las Vegas from left to right standing majestically as if waiting for judgment as to who is more beautiful.
Like Pageant Winners!

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