I Don't Know What I Am But I Seem To Be Holding An Empty Plate.

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I don't know what I am but I seem to be holding an empty plate.

Sometimes a flower is not a flower (17 Photos)

Ever heard of pareidolia? It's a process in the brain that helps you to make sense out of something nonsensical. For example: you hear some English words in a song that is being sung in a language you don't speak. Or you see all kinds of familiar objects in the clouds. Or, a classic, you read about someone who framed their piece of toast again because it sprung out of the toaster with the face of Jesus on it.

There is still no definitive scientific answer to the question why our brain works this way. The consensus, however, is that seeing something familiar in a random shape brings order to chaos. It's how we make sense of the world around us.

Science aside, the results of pareidolia can also simply be enjoyed. Take the following flowers, for instance. Beautiful creations in and of themselves, but as you look closer they appear to be more than just flowers. What do you see in them?

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