Meet Maru, A Smilling, Photogenic Dog From Japan (17 Photos)

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Maru is a 7-year-old male Shiba-Inu dog from Japan. He is very photogenic and happily smiling as he goes in his day-to-day business. Maru, possibly the happiest dog on Earth owned by a Japanese, Shinjiro Ono from Tokyo, Japan.

Maru just can't seem to stop smiling whether he's walking, eating, playing or even sleeping, and has now has a whopping 800k followers on Instagram. They also post regular photo and video updates on his Facebook channel. Not only that, Maru also has his very own YouTube channel.

Just like the rest of the world’s dogs, Maru loves digging on the beach and play with his toys and he hates thunderstorms and fireworks. The difference is that he does everything with a smile and looks unbelievably cute doing it!. Let's look at these adorable photos below!

More information: Website, Facebook

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