Pixelated Hair - Take A Look At The Newest Fashion Trend In Female Hairstyle (10 Photos)

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X-Presion - a Madrid-based hair research development company has created a new fashion trend - pixelated hair. The company developed a new coloring technique that is growing in popularity and the internet is crazy about it calling it #xpresionpixel.
It might seem a bit strange for more conservative people and it is yet to be seen if this cutting-edge trend will survive or fade, but it surely looks interesting.
A press rep for X-Presion - Jorge Cancer, share that this style “was created by mistake. We were in Minneapolis preparing a big show for 4500 people and then, with one of the models, I got an effect in her hair that I didn’t expect. After that, we started to study and think until we got the trend as it is now”

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