Wintery Nuisances Never Looked This Pretty: Cars Transformed Into Arctic Artpieces (15 Photos)

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Categories: Art · Funny · Nature · Photography · Weird     Tags: Snow · Winter · Art · Cars · Funny · Nature

For most car owners, most of the time, winter is hell on Earth. It's a season filled with traffic jams, slippery roads, accidents; and that is for the lucky ones who manage to get their vehicles started.

Every now and then Mother Nature throws a curveball that makes all the suffering a little more bearable. Because snow and ice are perfect ingredients for stunning creations. Creations that are still a pain in the rear to get rid off, but do make for some nice photographic conversation material.

If you are ever lucky enough to find your car in one of the following conditions, chances are you will be late for work. Comfort yourself with the thought that your excuse will be the most aesthetic one of the day. (Just don't forget to take the necessary selfie for proof.)

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