Here Are Some Bookmarks That Make Reading Off A Tablet Severely Uncool (16 Photos)

4 year ago · PVL · 0 Comment
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Bookmarks. Most of the them are nothing but practical. Sometimes they are objects that should not even be near a book, let alone stuffed between its pages (toothpicks, human hair, *used* cotton swaps, anyone?).

But there is no reason why our bookmarks should not be just as awesome as the works we read. They can relate to your story, be an eye-catcher in your room, or simply something that will make the people around you wish that they weren't reading off their dull tablets.

The following bookmarks will give your reading experience that little extra excitement which will only increase after you close the book. It may well inspire you to start a collection. After all, you're bound to have more than one book, right? Why not mark them all?

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