Could You Stay In Bed Seventy Days For $18,000?

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Could you stay in bed for seventy days straight for $18,000? That’s how much NASA researchers are paying participants in a sleep study designed to help them learn how an astronaut’s body will change during weightlessness in space flight. (Oh, and did I mention that you would be tilted slightly, with your head down and feet up the entire time?)

Participants must stay in bed 24-hours every day, without getting out of bed, except for designated times for certain tests. The researchers are hoping to gather information on how being confined with reduced gravity affects muscle and bone strength, heart function, and mental capacity. Each person must abide by these specific rules:

1. You must remain in a prone position.
2. You cannot stand up.
3. You will be away from your home throughout the length of the test. No visitors are allowed.
4. You may use a cell phone for games, reading, or talking to friends and family.
5. Specifics on food and bathroom use aren’t given, but more than likely IV’s and catheters are utilized in some way.
6. After the test, the researchers will continue observing you for two weeks and conduct further tests on how your body adapts and recovers once you’re allowed to get out of bed.

NASA requires pre-testing and post-testing, which would bring the total test duration to fifteen weeks, after which you would be compensated $18,000. Of course, something this arduous isn’t for everyone, but for those who don’t have families or social ties, it might be worth considering.

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