Can You Imagine That This Motorcycle Can Also Talk?

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The motorcycle consists of three wheels, a tank that can be replaced which is the toilet itself. Can you imagine that this motorcycle can also talk? That is true. This motorcycle speaks on many topics. It can speak about fortune telling, weather, and many other stuff. So if you will be the one riding on it, you will never get bored. Another thing that this motorcycle can do is that it can write Japanese messages using LED lights. Pretty cool, right? And there is more, it can also play different types of music. You can sing together with its music, you would not feel that long drive and also you will be high spirited. The rider would not really feel bored. With its features and can do things, what else can we add into this invention which is the toilet bike Neo?

Can you imagine that this motorcycle can also talk?

Eco motorcycle in Japan, uses POOP as fuel! (4 Photos)

Another invention on success? Can it be acceptable globally and for all people? What can the advance technology give people more? Advantages or Disadvantages? Let’s read and examine.

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