Eco Motorcycle In Japan, Uses POOP As Fuel!

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Another invention on success? Can it be acceptable globally and for all people? What can the advance technology give people more? Advantages or Disadvantages? Let’s read and examine.

A Motorcycle Powered By Poop

Globally, people are experiencing somehow lack of petroleum products especially fuels for vehicles. That is mainly the reason why people search for alternative materials that can be used as fuels. Recently in Japan, Toto, the leading toilet manufacturer , introduced its new product. It is a motorcycle powered by poop, or feces.
A motorcycle powered by poop

A Bacteria System Converts The Solid Waste, That Is Mostly Made Up Of Methane, Into Fuel.

The toilet bike Neo uses a bacterial system that is anaerobic. The bacteria system converts the solid waste, that is mostly made up of methane, into fuel. Aerobic bacteria or organisms are organisms which do not require oxygen to survive and grow. Also, the waste material should come from the one who is riding the motorcycle. Can you imagine it? While riding a motorcycle, you are pop-in. Many suggest that the one riding the motorcycle should have a lot of fiber intake for him to go far or else he will go to nowhere.

A bacteria system converts the solid waste, that is mostly made up of methane, into fuel. 

Can You Imagine That This Motorcycle Can Also Talk?

The motorcycle consists of three wheels, a tank that can be replaced which is the toilet itself. Can you imagine that this motorcycle can also talk? That is true. This motorcycle speaks on many topics. It can speak about fortune telling, weather, and many other stuff. So if you will be the one riding on it, you will never get bored. Another thing that this motorcycle can do is that it can write Japanese messages using LED lights. Pretty cool, right? And there is more, it can also play different types of music. You can sing together with its music, you would not feel that long drive and also you will be high spirited. The rider would not really feel bored. With its features and can do things, what else can we add into this invention which is the toilet bike Neo?
Can you imagine that this motorcycle can also talk?

It Can Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emission For The Next Six Years

Toto had introduced this motorcycle for the purpose of the reduction of Carbon Dioxide in their environment for a healthier community. It can reduce carbon dioxide emission for the next six years and indeed this toilet bike Neo is a great help. Toto also introduced this motorcycle for the purpose of environmental awareness and for promotions.

The motorcycle bike Neo is touring Japan for its campaign on the reduction of Carbon Dioxide. The tour of Japan started at the headquarters of the company Kitakyushu going to all over the cities of Japan. Hopefully, the people of Japan and its citizens will greatly consider the contribution of the motorcycle bike Neo for their welfare and safety, especially on their health.

With high advancement in technology, Japan can invent many gadgets or things that can promote people’s awareness, their creativity, their passion, and also to promote the common good for the majority. The people of Japan are concerned not with just the fame and money that they can get from their inventions, but also they wanted to have the environment or surroundings that can be a lot usable for the future generations that can be known by using or promoting their inventions.
It can reduce carbon dioxide emission for the next six years

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