Have You Ever Heard About Pipe Hotel ?

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School holiday is coming,camping would be the most popular parent-child activities during summer as usually. Think of when it comes to camping is pierced a tent and live in it, but now there is a new choice!

Have you heard of pipes hotel? Not just Mexico and Austria, now also has a strange camp for new building in Tainan, Taiwan.

"Pipe Hotel" In Taiwan

The "Tubohotel" and "Dasparkhotel" are made of pipes, is it kind of awesome and make you eager to get in there? , telling you not to envy, or went abroad, in Tainan once there then!

The Tainan Tourism and Sightseeing department created "Pipe Hotel" in the district elementary schools. There are 5 types of rooms with different outward appearance, not just cute and comfort , it would definitely makes camping more fun!
"Pipe Hotel" in Taiwan

They Even Have Air Conditioning

It's interesting to use cement culvert to make these hotels. The interior is simple and clean, complete with curtains, wood furniture and air-conditioning. A single "pipe" can sleep up to two adults plus a children.
They even have air conditioning

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