Submit The Most Creative Product Packages From Around The World. (13 Submissions So Far)

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We know the importance of the packaging design role in the marketing mix. Designers have to come out with eye catching, innovative and creative ideas from time to time.

Have you ever happen to find some product packages that were incredibly brilliant, creative and innovative ? Submit it to this list and let's aggregate the most creative product from around the world!

#13 Ready To Drink Packaging - Wine With A Snack!

Designed for on-the-go wine lovers, Ready to Drink Packaging offers individual wine servings with a perfectly paired snack to enhance the wine’s natural flavors and satisfy your appetite. Crafted for travel, the standard size shatterproof stemless wine glass is easily packed, unbreakable, and spill-proof. Ready to Drink Packaging, is the perfect glass of wine, each and every time. To maintain freshness and prevent spills, the innovative lid is mechanically sealed. Once the lid is opened, the wine is at just the right level to swirl, taste, and allow the wine to breathe – without spilling a drop. The patent pending packaging design was invented by Gary Matsch in Phoenix, Arizona. Ready to Drink Packaging is currently looking for licensees and/or partners.
#13 Ready to Drink Packaging - Wine with a Snack!

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