This Guy Collects Hubcaps And Other Junk By The Road And Turns Them Into Incredible Work Of Art Worth $200 - $10k Pounds EACH (22 Photos)

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Hubcaps are usually considered to be junk, you can easily find them near the side of the road and numerous junkyards. This guy, however, found a brilliant way to transform these "junk" into incredible works of art.

His sculptures is incredibly awesome that you can barely tell what materials he used to make the metallic, intricate creations. It's is amazing to transform those junky parts into something Just have a look for yourself.

More info: Facebook | Website | Deviant Art

If you're interested in buying any of his creations, check out the For Sale. section of his website. If you think that this art is some of the coolest that you have ever seen, share these hubcap creations with others!.

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