Spent Around S$2k To Decorate Our New Office And We Are Happy With The Outcome (18 Photos)

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We are a small hands-on team of creative people. We've recently moved in our new office and the initial interior looks awful. So, we decided to do something about it. We are not any kind of interior designer nor decorator, let's see what we can do.

Look At The Ceiling!

Wait, there were no dropped ceiling but we actually like it. It feels like we have bigger space without the ceiling so we didn't complaint about it.
Look at the Ceiling!

This Would Be Our Meeting Room

We were previously working in a shared office, kind of glad that we will have our own meeting room. We also found a visible pipe there, there is no way we can remove it....
This would be our meeting room

New Meeting Table!

We've brought a new meeting table and chairs from IKEA ~ $450. There is an unwanted clock left by the Ex-Tenant, maybe we can use it to cover the ugly pipe
New Meeting table!

There Were A Cafeteria Space At The Corner

Seems like we have to do something to this space too..... First of all we have bought a tea table from IKEA, S$199. We also got a free sofa and a free clock from the Ex-tenant
There were a cafeteria space at the corner

Hey, It's Our Little Coffee Machine!

Hmm, the most important thing has been put in place before everything else. It's a Nespresso Coffee Capsule Extractor. Given enough of coffee and we can rule the world.
Hey, It's our little Coffee Machine!

Well, Let The Decorating Begin.

We have hire a decorator to paint one side of the office wall red just like the cafeteria, the rest of the walls remain white, ~ S$300. Oh yeah, we've moved the white clock here from the cafeteria.
Well, let the decorating begin.

New Sofa, TV And Wii

We love what we are doing, working should be fun and happy. We've bought a new set of sofa and a LCD TV, and a Wii from Richard, an awesome guy from Netherlands.
New Sofa, TV and Wii

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