4 Smart Uses Of Leftover Wrapping Paper

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Christmas is almost here. And Christmas means presents. If you have kids - even more presents. And if you are one of these moms, who love to wrap their children’s gifts by themselves, then you will be cluttered with leftover wrapping paper after the holidays. Instead of throwing it away, you can think green and use it wisely for other things like DIY projects or origami.

Now, check the full list of smart uses below.

Make Beautiful Book Covers

Book covers are very easy to do, and the results are always awesome. You can turn every old, shabby book or your kid’s textbooks into a fancy reading matter.
Follow these steps:
1. Put the piece of paper on the table and place the book you want to wrap opened on top of it. Cut the paper so that you leave about a 2 inch excess on the top and bottom and 4 inches on both sides to fold over the book’s covers.
2. Mark the top and bottom of the book with a line to know where you have to fold the paper.
Next fold the top length down and the bottom length up.
3. Finally, fold over the front and back covers of the book, tucking them into the little pocket folds that will be created so that it does not shift.
Make Beautiful Book Covers

Form Bows To Decorate Presents

Leftovers are perfect for a handmade ribbons. You can store them in case you have a gift to pack urgently in the future. These are the three easy steps:
1. Cut the paper into nine 3/4-inch-thick strips with different heights. Тhree of them to be the longest, another three - medium, two - small (with a one inch differential between the heights of the strips), and the last one should be long half as the smallest.
2. Form loops by twisting each strip at both ends. Create a circle out of the smallest one. Fix the ends with a double-sided tape.
3. Layer the strips, starting with the longest ones. Form a circle and stick with a double-sided tape. Finish by putting the circle in the center of the formed ribbon.
Form Bows To Decorate Presents

Fill Unused Photo Frames With Wrapping Paper

If you have photo frames that still wait to be hanged on the wall, but you can not think of a suitable photo to fill them with, this is the best thing you can do. Papers with patterns, artistic illustrations of flowers or Christmas themes are perfect for this purpose. Just cut the desired part of the paper with the appropriate size and here you go!
Fill Unused Photo Frames With Wrapping Paper

Line Plain Shelves Or Drawers

Add some color and personality to your boring bookshelves by covering their back surface with a fancy patterned gift wrap. You can use 3M mounting strips for attaching the paper to the back of the bookcase. The same principle applies to drawers too. To make them look adorable line the bottom with gift wrap. You don’t have to glue it down since you may change it anytime you want. Wrap the sides of the drawers with a spray adhesive.
Line Plain Shelves Or Drawers

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