34 Reasons Why Visiting Australia Just May Make It Onto My Bucket List, Afterall (10 Photos)

5 year ago · Howie Romans · 0 Comment
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Call it a change of heart.

Less than a month ago, at the time of this particular writing, I wrote and published an article entitled "34 Reasons Why Visiting Australia Will Never Make It Onto My Bucket List". With over 500 Pinpple shares, and 2.7K (thousand) Facebook likes, that article went on to go viral.

Though that article was written deliberately, with comedic undertones, and a particular focus on snakes throughout, I admit that I many have been just a bit harsh towards Australia. Indeed, so long as you can overlook (or manage to evade) all the animals that could kill you, few countries can boast of the following visually stunning landscapes and landmarks.

(Please, be patient, as the remainder of the pictures will be uploaded shortly.)

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