5 Most Haunted Places In The World (5 Photos)

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Have you ever walked through an abandoned home and had the feeling you weren’t alone? Ever felt the warmth of someone’s breath on the back of your neck, only to turn around and discover no one there?

If you crave the heart-stopping jolt of excitement that comes from visiting spooky places, then pack your bags and come with me as we tour the five most terrifying places on earth.

Riddle House

Men will want to steer clear of the Riddle House in Palm Beach County, Florida, where a man named Joseph committed suicide in the 1920’s. For some strange reason, he hates men and has been known to attack any man who dares step foot inside.
Riddle House


Helltown, a boarded-up ghost town in Summit County, Ohio is the wrong place to be after dark, when creepy inhabitants have been known to leave the shadows of the surrounding woods.

Humberstone And LaNoria

Ghosts of former residents are said to walk the streets of LaNoria and Humberstone, two desolate mining towns in Chile, where the haunting laughter of children can still be heard.
Humberstone and LaNoria

Shades Of Death Road

Several ghosts, including that of a man who was murdered and dismembered by his wife, haunt the Shades of Death Road, a seven-mile stretch of country road in New Jersey.
Shades of Death Road

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