Fisherman Caught A Rare Colorful Shrimp, Staff Doesn't Know It's A Walking Treasure And Export It To Hong Kong.

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Fisherman caught a rare colorful shrimp, staff doesn't know it's a walking treasure and export it to Hong Kong together with other ordinary shrimp.

Squilla is a genus of mantis shrimp. It is generally light gray or sometime green in color. A colorful Squilla is rarely seen and this is the first time we've seen it in Malaysia.

Bukit Tambun, Malaysia, fishermen there used to capture mantis shrimp and export them to Hong Kong. They even caught a colorful, about 7 to 8 inch medium sized mantis shrimp. It’s sad that the employees don't know about the treasure, freezing it, just like other mantis shrimp and exports to Hong Kong, the industry was exclaimed after being informed that the shrimp is a walking treasure.

According to Pur Po, the chairman of Bukit Tambun mantis shrimp export industry, his staff who work in the mantis shrimp freezing and packaging department accidentally discovered a colorful mantis shrimp from the pile, but staff did not inform him, he only took a picture of the shrimp and packaged it together with other ordinary shrimp.

Bureau of Oceans of Quanzhou China indicates that the colorful mantis shrimp has nothing to do with the contamination. Mantis shrimp has more than 300 kinds of species, white and gray mantis shrimps very common, they lives in coastal. Colorful mantis shrimp live at 70 meters under the sea and it's hard to find.

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