You’re Not A Sketch. Say No To Anorexia

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Advertising Agency: Revolution Brasil

You’re Not A Sketch. Say No To Anorexia

20+ Most Powerful Social Cause Advertisements That’ll Make You Stop By And Think (22 Photos)

Many people don't really like advertisements as most of the content are over exaggerated compared with it's actual value. For instance, a high percentage of the consumer don't trust a weight-loss ads as most of them are photoshopped, but that’s not all that advertisements are good for. Take a look of these excellent and effective advertising strategies for social issue campaigns. Thanks to the creativity and cof the advertising agencies, their voices would be heard.

Although a few of these ads are commercial ads, but credits given for their awareness for raising public supporting and affecting meaningful changes.

Would you stop by for a couple of seconds thinking about the social causes as well as the incredible creativity and ingenuity of the art directors?

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