These Birds’ Nests Are Beautiful And Simple (15 Photos)

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It’s no secret that nature is beautiful. Sharon Beals, a photographer, finds her inspiration in the natural world. She creates portraits designed to help people see the world in a new way. In a new series, Bird Nests, she portrays birds’ nests in front of a black background.

The nests belong to numerous different species, so they’re made with a variety of different materials. Some are even more than 100 years old.

The nests were not in use when collected for research, so no birds have had their homes disturbed. Instead, they were collected by organizations like The Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, The California Academy of Sciences, and The Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology.

These nests were made from a variety of materials, including twigs, leaves, and even sewing pieces. Now, maybe next time you see a bird nest, you’ll be able to identify who it belongs to.

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