80+ Unforgettably Timeless Moments Captured In Historic Photographs (81 Submissions So Far)

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Though modern day photography is the result of the combination of several technical precursor discoveries--some ancient--photography has literally taken on a life all its own in the last 2 centuries. It has truly evolved into a cherished art form that allows for the capturing (and sharing) of all things beautiful and stunning; it is essentially an artistic window into the enormously complex world all around us.

Likewise, the photograph indeed precipitated dramatically massive change in how humans actually experience history. Even though one can certainly educate themselves on historical events much further back, by purveying a good book or a painting, few things tell a story quite as well as the photographs listed below.

Just as their original takers would have cherished knowing that their pictures were experienced by many people the world over, do feel free to "share" or "like" this post....so that many people can also experience these photographs, as well!

Also, this post is an "open submission" post.

This means that anyone can contribute to it by submitting pictures!

If you have ever come across a powerful photograph, that you feel would be suitable for this list, please do feel free to share it!

Our first goal is: 100 Pictures!

NOTE: The world's oldest known surviving camera photograph, from 1826 or 1827, is #81 on the list below!

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