#3.) Grumpy Cat

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Even though Grumpy Cat's introduction to internet fame came when a picture of her was posted on Reddit on September 22nd, 2012, it is (still) nearly impossible to visit the online world without stumbling across images of Grumpy Cat.

Indeed, she has become almost as much of a permanent fixture to popular culture as Disney's movie "Frozen" has become.

What has ensued, for Grumpy Cat (and her owner, Tabatha Bundesen), has been an illustrious--and lucrative-- career. With an agent, and now a movie deal, various internet websites have tracked Grumpy Cat's rapid realization of enormous riches.

It is said that, as of December 2014, Grumpy Cat has now made in excess of $100,000,000!

I can't imagine that her earnings would be quite as staggering had she maintained her real name "Tardar Sauce".

#3.) Grumpy Cat
#3.) Grumpy Cat GIF

5 Ridiculously Famous Cats Who are Essentially Rolling in More Money Than You Ever Will (5 Photos)

Recently, on the morning show "LIVE with Kelly and Michael", the talk show hosts made mention of the staggering amount of money made by a certain particular feline-friend-turned-internet-sensation (See #3 below).

The money made by this cat, in a fairly short time frame, is more than most people can even fathom!

If you have any pulse on popular culture at all, you have likely already guessed just who this insanely popular cat is.

What you may not know, however, is that THAT cat isn't necessarily the only cat to have ever realized a level of riches and fame that would make some HUMAN celebrities cower with amazement.

Below are 5 cats who, along with their owners, are earning much more than most of us will ever earn!

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