No Photoshop! Green Feline Walks Across The Streets Of Varna, Bulgaria (9 Photos)

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Wondering around the streets of the Bulgarian seaside capital Varna, this radiantly coloured cat has made many hold breath before its uncanny looks.

It all started in a dusty, old garage where this stay fellow opt to take shelter in each winter. Allured by the soft texture and slight warmth of a bulk powder paint, the cat slept trough the chilly nights snuggled in its new, green bed waking up greener with each day. And while people seemed horribly concerned about its health and the side effects the green compound had on this fluffy pal, other stray animals greeted their vividly tinted buddy with open arms.

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Authorities in the city have tried to chase down the feline to check its health, yet, with no use.

Although this brightly tinted animal looks rather odd, it has shown normal health signs and is believed to be in a perfectly healthy condition.

The furry fellow near its home.

Varna's green feline and its friend.

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