#5) Is The Orange Dot On The Left Smaller Than The One On The Right? Look Again.

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Courtesy of Mr. Ebbinghaus, we are provided with this illusion (otherwise called the Ebbinghaus Illusion), in which the orange dot on the left at least appears to be smaller than the orange dot on the right. Look closer and you will see that both orange dots are actually the exact same size!

#5) Is the orange dot on the left smaller than the one on the right? Look again.

30 Awesome Optical Illusions that Will Simply Blow Your Mind! (30 Photos)

Have you ever found yourself to be literally engrossed in amusement, for minutes or hours on end, over the complexities of a good optical illusion?

Admit it. We ALL have.

For some, optical illusions have become quite the obsession.

The truth is, people absolutely love optical illusions!

Perhaps it is the inherent mystery behind how they seamlessly pit one part of our brains, against another part of our brains, that has caused them to gain so much attention and notoriety among popular culture as of late.

Brace yourself because the following optical illusions won't fail to blow your mind!

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