4.) Mounted Squirrel Head

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If your holiday guests make it past the quirky arrangements in your yard, don't hesitate to ensure they are greeted by one of these mounted squirrel heads! This would sit nicely next to a jacket rack near your front door!

4.) Mounted Squirrel Head

24 Crazy Skymall Gifts that You Can Buy for Your Friends and Family this Christmas (24 Photos)

It's that time of year again!

For years, two one syllable words have been the source of aerial impulse buys all around the world. Courtesy of their online website, now you don't even have to wait until you are seated in a cramped coach seat to avail yourself to these wacky, insane, and downright crazy Chistmas gift options!

That's right.

Your friends at Skymall have come to the rescue with these quirky gift ideas!

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