These Stunning And Realistic Celebrity Dolls Could Very Possibly Be The Best Christmas Present Ever! (11 Photos)

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Have you ever gone to a movie and enjoyed it so much that you said to yourself "Gosh, I sure would love to own it!"? Except for the occasional flop that we would never dare recommend to a friend or family member, I am sure that we have all had that favorite movie that--no matter how new or old--makes it into our coveted DVD collection. Movie aside, not many people are stalker-ish or creepy enough to declare that they actually want to OWN the star(s) himself or herself.

(Well, maybe perhaps a few people....)

Except, for a small commission fee as low as $1,250 to as high as $5,100, you can do just that! You could be the proud owner of a celebrity doll that bears a nearly identical likeness to the stars themselves. Throw in another $900 (from $5,100) and your Twilight crazed daughter (or son), could be the proud recipient of their own, life-like, Edward and Bella doll duo, which run $3,000 a piece! ($6,000 together)

In fact, as items of near perfection, all the following celebrity dolls are hand-crafted by the masterful hands of celebrated celebrity doll artist Noel Cruz. While Cruz' actual painting process is beyond the scope of this article, he has proven to have the uncanny ability to breathe new life into the lifeless factory-made faces of some of Hollywood's leading stars (and starlets). Cruz literally takes the bland facial canvas of a store-bought, factory produced doll/action figure and skillfully injects a near lifelike work of art masterpiece onto it.

These could, quite possibly, be the greatest Christmas gifts ever!

Here, You Can See Cruz' Expertise At Play On This Katniss Everdeen Doll.

Beyond the unfortunate leakage of some racy photos in 2014, Jennifer Lawrence has become a highly recognized starlet due to her acclaimed roles in the various Hunger Games movies. Unfortunately, her fame led to the production of the bland, lifeless action figure that you see on the left side of the picture. When Cruz got his hands on this doll, however, he masterfully brought life to Jennifer Lawrence/Katniss' Everdeen's enduring features, in a way that only he can. He reworked her hair, added subtly enticing lip color, and re-formed her jaw and cheek bones.

On Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014, Cruz actually sold one of his Katniss Everdeen dolls for $2,500 at auction on eBay! (This one, in particular, bore a different outfit than the one pictured here.)
Here, you can see Cruz' Expertise at play on this Katniss Everdeen Doll.

The Zombie Boy's (AKA Model Rick Genest) Body Is A Masterpiece Of Wild Tattoos And Body Modifications. His Factory-produced Action Figure Doesn't Do His Likeness Justice. Cruz Skillfully Crafted A Nearly Identical Portrait Of Him.

Tattoos and body modifications aren't for everyone. Even still, somehow, Cruz managed to masterfully bring out the exact details of each and every one of his tattoos. Above his eyes and nose, Cruz even managed to achieve perfect placement with his tattoos on his face. His body must have taken months to paint!
The Zombie Boy's (AKA model Rick Genest) body is a masterpiece of wild tattoos and body modifications. His factory-produced action figure doesn't do his likeness justice. Cruz skillfully crafted a nearly identical portrait of him.

Here, Cruz Is Meticulously Crafting An Inspired Masterpiece!

Visit Cruz' website and you will learn more about what he does. Per his website, he strives to ensure that no two pieces are exactly alike--even if they are the exact same character. If you have the disposable income to purchase one of these, or if you simply want to learn more, Cruz does have a website, as well as, an online Facebook and Instagram presence.
Here, Cruz is meticulously crafting an inspired masterpiece!

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