60 Rare And Classic Cars Worth $19 Million Found Abandoned For 50 Years At A Farm. (9 Photos)

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This 60 rusty classic luxury car has been parked in a farm in France for over 50 years, these luxury cars and piles of old newspapers and other debris piled together on the farm garage, covered with dust, it is estimated that the total value of these cars could reach 12 million pounds.

These luxury cars are collected by Roger, he was a successful entrepreneur, dreaming to make these classic cars into the museum, restored to its former glory, but his plans were dashed after the business bankruptcy, he was forced to sell more than 50 vehicles, leaving more than 60 vehicles parked in the garage after the temporary farm. After Roger died, his son Jacques inherited these cars, but also died last year. Jacques Roger's grandson does not know how to deal with these cars, so he called in an auctioneer.

Source: The Daily Mail

Seeing these luxury cars rusting is simply a nightmare for car lovers, this is a huge treasure, share this find with your friends and your thoughts in the comments below.

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