Graphene Aerogel Can Absorb Up To 900 Times Its Own Weight, So Scientists Believe It May Be Our Most Effective Tool To Clean Up Oil Spills.

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Graphene aerogel can absorb up to 900 times its own weight, so scientists believe it may be our most effective tool to clean up oil spills.

Chinese Scientists Created A Material Lighter Than Air (4 Photos)

It sounds impossible. We all know that air is the lightest thing we have. Right? That’s why everything else can slice through the air. That’s why trees and plants can grow tall, and we can stand upright – because air is so light, it doesn’t press against us and push us down due to the gravitational pull. It doesn’t crush flowers under its weight. But air being the lightest substance we know is not the case anymore. Chinese scientists have created a substance called graphene aerogel – and it’s seven times lighter than air.

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