You Won’t Believe What Kind Of Ride This Man Took To The Pub

5 year ago · Amber · 0 Comment

When police were called to the scene of the Purple Pub in Newman, Western Australia – a small, relatively quiet mining town with a population of only about 4,000 people -- surely, they were not expecting to find what they did. Nestled between the many cars of the pub’s patrons in the Purple Pub’s parking lot sat a small plane. Apparently, the owner of the two-seat Beechcraft plane taxied the plane down the main thoroughfare of Newman, traveling through the whole town, before reaching the pub and stopping there.

Police said that taxiing the plane down the street was dangerous, especially on a Friday afternoon, when this plane rolled along. As for the owner’s legal repercussions? Well, they’re still trying to determine the appropriate offense, since driving a plane down a road is new terrain for them.

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