Do You Become One Of These Animals When You Party? (9 Photos)

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Surely, someone you know can be referred to on occasion as a “party animal.” For humans, it means you’re someone who knows how to have a good time, and can always be relied on to provide that good time. But one size does not fit all when it comes to party animals. Here are the 9 kinds of guests you’ll have at your next party:

1. Golden Retrievers

These guests are the closest thing to a co-host you can have. They’ll avert any crisis, bring the best food and even stay late to help you clean up.
1. Golden retrievers

2. Cheetahs

You’ll recognize a cheetah because they’ll be the first one there and spend the whole time partying hard.

3. Aye-Ayes

The aye-aye is that guest you can’t seem to get rid of. They’re energetic and will be the last one to leave.
3.  Aye-Ayes

4. Skunks

A skunk means well, but always ends up being an accident party pooper. They’ll be the one bringing the less-than-yummy food or boring music.
4. Skunks

5. Opossums

You know how opossums play dead when they feel threatened? Your opossum guest will play dead when they’re bored. They didn’t want to come in the first place, so don’t expect them to join in on any of the festivities.
5. Opossums

6. Sloths

The sloth is the one who is perpetually running late, and after telling you again and again that they’re about to leave, they still never show up.

7. Snow Monkeys

A snow monkey is red in the face, and so is your snow monkey guest when he or she is hungry. Get that guest some food, stat, or it could be a long night.
7. Snow monkeys

8. Penguins

The penguin is the one who will show up dressed to the nines, even when you explain to them many times prior that it’s a casual affair.
8. Penguins
Next time you host a party, look for each kind of guest. And next time you go to a party, make sure you don’t turn into any of these animals.

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