The Giant Spider Crab (12 Photos)

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There aren’t many fans of spiders out there, we must admit. 8 legged creepy crawlies that can send a grown man screaming out the door. But what if you were told you weren’t safe from them even in middle of the deepest and darkest oceans?

In the Pacific Ocean lurks a monstrous nightmare of the sea; it’s called a Giant Spider Crab (also known as the Japanese Spider) and certainly wins the award for being one of the most terrifying crustaceans to walk our seabeds. If the overall appearance of these spider like crustaceans wasn’t terrifying enough, here are ten reasons why these creatures are truly frightening.

1 - They Live Up To Their Giant Name

Undeniably the size of this crustacean is more than likely the first thing that you’ll notice. With its incredible 12 feet (3.6 meter) long legs. At such an impressive size these gigantic crabs can weigh up to a hefty 42 pounds (19kg). With their sheer size and weight they could easily consume a human child if they ever had the desire.
1 - They live up to their giant name

2 - They Are Deep Sea Dwellers

Just like its smaller counterparts (the common crab) The Giant Spider Crab is robust, it needs to be, as it can be discovered at depths of 490 to 980 feet or even more, down in the ocean. They can easily withstand the bitter battering of the ocean floor.
2 - They are deep sea dwellers

4 - They Are Ninja’s Of The Ocean

There is just one single fishery in Japan that hunts these monsters, but they can be incredibly difficult to find and successful catch due to their dark sea bed environment. Luckily for these crabs, they are left alone during mating season. That must be good news for them, right?
4 - They are ninja’s of the ocean

6 - They Are Elders Of The Ocean

These creepy crustaceans are nearly immortal in terms of lifespan. The Giant Spider Crab have been known to live up to an astonishing 100 years. We wouldn’t want to try and pry that secret from them.
6 - They are elders of the ocean

7 - They Are Waste Disposals Of The Ocean

These scavenging spider crabs will each pretty much anything that’s smaller than them. While making their homes on the ocean floor, they are in a prime position to harvest from anything that lives there.
7 - They are waste disposals of the ocean

8 - They Are What Nightmares Are Made Of

If their name wasn’t a hint, the Giant Spider Crab received its name on their spider-like appearance. Their creeping and crawling method of walking is nothing but eerie as they shop around the ocean floor for their next meal.
8 - They are what nightmares are made of

9 - They Are Sociable

It’s fair to say that the Giant Spider Crab is smarter than we give it credit for. These gigantic crabs have been documented decorating themselves with a range of objects and even other animals that they discover on the ocean bed. We must certainly give this creepy crustacean kudos for that!
9 - They are sociable

10 - They Are Sociable

Believe it or not these Giant Spider Crabs have been known to be extremely yet remarkably gentle with their handlers. We’re not entirely convinced, we believe it could be a new unstudied hunting technique.
10 - They are sociable

Check Out These Absolutely Terrifying Videos Of These Monsters Of The Sea.

If you are still not phased by this creepy crustacean, we’ve been doing out research and discovered them absolutely terrifying videos of these monsters of the sea.

Despite how gentle these crabs have been reported to be by their handlers this footage tells an entirely different story as a diver is attacked.

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