One Day, There Were Few Buyers Wanted To Buy Pangolin

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One day, there were a few buyers want to buy pangolin, they picked up a few relatively large pangolin, and would like to see for themselves how the how pangolins get slaughtered.

One day, there were few buyers wanted to buy pangolin

Perhaps This Story Would Stop Pangolins From Being Eaten For Any Reason (5 Photos)

Scaly yet docile anteaters are now the most illegally-traded mammal in the world. Pangolins are now critically endangered animal due to the demand for their meat at banquets in China and Vietnam and their scales for use in Chinese medicine. Despite the high-priced wild pangolin and its increasing demand, more people tend to hunt and sell pangolins in Vietnam.

I am so sad while translating this story, it was translated from a Chinese blog and the origin of the photos remain unknown.

Perhaps this story could inspires and stops people around the world from eating pangolins.

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