Digging Up The Corpses From Their Graves And Dragging Them Back To The Village.

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The family digs up the corpses of their relatives and drags them back to their village for the ceremony. It's quite easy for them to get access to the bodies for they are placed in the caves and stoned-carve graves.

Digging up the corpses from their graves and dragging them back to the village.

A Bizarre Indonesian Ritual Brings Corpses Back to Life? What They Do With Them Will Give You The Creeps. (8 Photos)

Have you ever thought of reuniting with your deceased loved ones by digging up their corpses, washing their bodies and dressing them up with
fancy clothes?

Well, the people from Toraja in the South Sulawesi of Indonesia, perform an eccentric ritual where they dig up the corpses of their deceased ancestors and relatives then they wash them, groom them and even dress them with new clothes as if they were bringing them back to life. This ritual is called Ma'nene or The Ceremony of Cleaning Corpses. These people strongly believe that this is a form of dedication of love for their dead loved ones.

In a Torajan belief system, when a person dies while on a journey and was driven away from home, these spirits of the dead should be brought back to their ancestral village. This belief had given them fear not to go on a long journey.

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