1) Nothing Stands A Chance Against The Mighty Python. Nothing.

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The simple allure of Australia is the friendly people, outback dining, and beautiful open scenery. The dark side of Australia, that people don’t want you to know about, are all the animals that could turn your carefree vacation into an experience reserved for a horror movie. Just imagine confronting one of these bad boys! Would you stand a chance?

1) Nothing stands a chance against the mighty python. Nothing.

34 Reasons Why Visiting Australia Will Never Make it Onto My Bucket List (35 Photos)

So, all your life, you’ve dreamed of visiting the great outback, or the land down under, as many may call it? Outside the delicate appeal of a few marketing ploys, and an occasional Disney Movie, I’m here to tell you that Australia really isn't all it’s cut out to be. Tourists may occasionally salivate over the more populous cities of Australia; however, there is a darker side that would make any vacationing hopeful cringe. After reading this article, you may just second guess including a trip to Australia on your bucket list.

(Don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

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