A Simple, Yet Inspiring And Powerful Lesson On Privilege By A High School Teacher (8 Photos)

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A high school teacher lead a simple, inspiring and powerful lesson for his class about privilege and social mobility.

He started the lesson by giving each student a scrap piece of paper and asked them to crumple it up. Then he moved the recycling bin to the front of the room...

The Game Is Simple

“The game is simple — you all represent the country’s population. And everyone in the country has a chance to become wealthy and move into the upper class.” The teacher said
The game is simple

“To move into the upper class, all you must do is throw your wadded-up paper into the bin while sitting in your seat.”

“This Is Unfair!”

The students in the back of the room immediately response, “This is unfair! The rows of students in front had a much better chance.”
“This is unfair!”

Everyone Took Their Shots

Everyone took their shots, and as expected, most of the students in the front made it and only a few students in the back of the room made it.
Everyone took their shots

People In The Front Of The Room May Not Realize That They Are Born With The Privilege

“By contrast, people in the front of the room may not realize that they are born with the privilege. All they can see is 10 feet between them and their goal.”

"As a student being educated, you have to be aware of your privileges. And use this particular privilege called “education” to do your best to achieve great things, all the while advocating for those in the rows behind you."

Of course there are a lot that's unfair in life, but we must have develop our self with unique advantages and rights, when injustice can not change the status quo, make your best efforts using your own strengths to succeed it.
People in the front of the room may not realize that they are born with the privilege

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