10 Mysterious Photos That Are Terrifying Because They Are Real (10 Photos)

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These terrifying photos are proven real and there is debate going on out there. Some would say it's a coincident while some would say it's supernatural.

Whatever is it, what's your scientific explanation on top of these mysterious events?

16 Inches Long Giant Mummified Finger In Egypt

Swiss archaeologist Gregor Spörri took the picture of the giant finger in 1988 during his private trip to Egypt. The finger was almost 16 inches long, he released the photo to the newspaper Bild in 2012.
16 Inches Long Giant Mummified Finger In Egypt

The Mummified Heart Of A Purported Vampire

The mummified heart of Auguste Delagrange, a purported vampire. He killed over 40 people in the last century and finally get killed in 1912. They even pierced his heart with a stake
The mummified heart of  a purported vampire

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