A Teenager Purchases ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Braces Online And Losing Most Of His Front Teeth

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Recently, there is a trend of purchasing fake braces online, it may be harmful for people wearing them. In the Philippines, having braces is considered a symbol of wealth and stylish unlike in the US where wearing them makes you not cool.

So all the teens want to wear these things and having a dentist put then on costs a lot, so they go for another option, the fake braces from the internet.

The problem with these braces are non-orthodontic, being sold in the saloons and open-air markets. The non-medical braces that have become increasingly popular in Asia especially in the Philippines.

You are probably hurting yourself as you are not trained to be putting these things on yourself. That is why the Philippine Dental Association officially released a notice to the public regarding the do-it-yourself braces.

The Threat Is Real

The threat is real, but this boy is actually from a different accident A dentist in Facebook posted this picture stating that it was the consequences of doing of fake braces but it was actually from a basketball accident. (Photo from facebook)
The threat is real

Here Is One Of The REAL Picture On The Effects Of DIY Braces

Although the production and sale of the fashion braces have made illegal and punishable with prison time in some country such as Thailand, the braces is still offered in black markets.

Some fashion braces blogs and marketers on facebook still continue encourage and sell these dangerous dental products. Be aware.

(Photo from manubaydental.com)
Here is one of the REAL picture on the effects of DIY braces

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