The Passionate Of Working The Most Dangerous Yet Fun Job In The World! (12 Photos)

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It sounds very hard for engaging in a difficult and dangerous job like this. Not many people would be interested in spending a sleepless night on the cold ocean, but Portland artist Corey Arnold was deeply attracted by this work. He was not only an artist, but also a fisherman, in this ruthless and open waters, and he had been living there for several months, here are the photos that he took on the fishing vessel.

You can visit for more photographs by Corey.

Corey Arnold let go his photographer career due to an economic crisis a few years ago. He started a new salty life by working on the fishing vessel f/v Rollo, in Alaska's Bering Sea (Bering Sea). However, he didn't put down his camera and filmed the excellent moments over the months and collected in a book, titled "Fish Work:The of the Bering Sea."

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