• About Pinpple

    Generally, Pinpple collects trending stories on the web. Pinpple also serve as a content aggregator by providing "open submission", anyone can contribute valued information to the thread. For example, if you need help on "How to setup a website", simply create a post here and enable open submission, our community and the helpful internet user will answer your question by not only commenting but uploading constructive sub topics. You can also let the community to vote on the best answer by enabling "open rank".

  • About Open Submission (Pins)

    During post creation, a post that marked as "Open Submission" means that everyone can contribute and upload pictures (pins) to your article. For example: Submit The Greatest Kitchen Tips That Will Make Anyone's Life Easier!)

  • About Open Rank

    An article that marked as "Open Rank" will display its sub topics in the ascending order base on the points voted by the community. Usually an "Open Submission" article is also "Open Rank".